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Mark Loscutoff is an OPPD Rater Partner
and a RESNET Certified Home Energy Rater (HERS Rater).

  • Infrared (IR) thermal imaging scans
  • Blower-door testing
Thermal image of a well-insulated wall

Thermal image from a home that had foam insulation injected in the walls. The foam does not fill the wall cavities properly.

"Mark Loscutoff's high level of knowledge about energy efficiency combined with his extreme thoroughness were what led to the good results achieved at my house. I am so glad he was involved with my project." -Susan S., Omaha

The reEnergize program is now completed. O-HEAT thanks the many homeowners who trusted their energy evaluations to O-HEAT!
"Your dedication to and concern for quality is exemplified by the work you have recently completed at my house." -T.R., Omaha

E-mail mark@o-heat.com or call (402) 250-2791 for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.
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O-HEAT is approved by the City of Omaha to test duct systems for leakage, to comply with code. We can advise you on how to achieve the required tightness. Call Mark today for a quote.
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E-mail mark@o-heat.com or call (402) 250-2791 for a free phone consultation.